Support Methods

The preferred support method is to open a ticket. To stay up to date with the responses, you may want to create your own account first - check the links above.

Communication can also be done by mail - the documentation of the software usually gives you an address for that. Still, we prefer you open a ticket - if not stated otherwise e.g. in a support contract.

Support Levels

Support is granted in different levels:

BasicOn DemandFlatrate
Reaction Timeas time permits2within 2 workdays3within 2 workdays3
Code fixesas time permits2ASAPASAP
Feature AddsIf we like4If possible5Not included6
Support by MailYesYesYes
Support by TicketYesYesYes
Support by PhoneNoYesYes
Support by IRC7MaybeOn DemandOn Demand


1 Packages are available to include multiple projects
2 Provided on a not payed base, other things may have higher priority (e.g. payed support)
3 Usually there will be an immediate response. Workdays are Mon-Fri except holidays
4 If not payed for, we decide whether we want to implement a new feature
5 If payed for, we want to implement a new feature and certainly will do. Exceptions are things which are not possible to implement because of technical reasons.
6 "Not included" means you either have to pay separately5, or wait4
7 You may find somebody on in the channel #izzysoft - if necessary, place a /msg to some OP there.

Get your Support Level

For basic support, there's nothing you have to do - just file your request and wait for our response.

For a "flatrate" you should contact us in advance, so we will setup a support contract. Your "flatrate support" then starts as soon as we received your payment (if not agreed otherwise in the contract). Details on how to contact us are to be found at the companies home page.

For "On Demand" commercial support, the first contact should be an email (or phone call, or fax). Before we can start, we need an explicit order from you, together with at least a billing address. The price per hour mentioned above does not yet include tax or money transfer costs, so you'll have to add these. Once the case is closed, we will send you a bill.

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