Integrate other Movie databases

This had already been done with Moviepilot, which unfortunately disabled its API. To make it easier for other developers to create their own "extensions", here are some basic hints:

  • the original Moviepilot classes have been removed from trunk, as they are no longer operational. For reference, you can find them in their own backup-branch
  • stick to the file naming schema, as some automatisms depend on it. If you e.g. were to create an "extension" for OFDb, your files should be named ofdb.class.php for the movie class ofdb, and ofdb_person.class.php for the ofdb_person.class, with an optional ofdbsearch.class.php if a search is available.
  • starting with r593, configuration can take place using *.ini files located in the conf/ subdirectory. All var = value pairs from files there will be "converted" into $this->var = value automatically by the mdb_config class. Naming conventions here are: start with 3 digits (the order of "execution"; 9XX is reserved for user configs, 0xx for IMDBPHP itself) followed by an underscore and a "speaking name", e.g. 300_ofdbcore.ini. An example ini file is contained. Files with extensions other than .ini will be ignored by the ini-parser.
  • your classes should extend the corresponding *base classes. Make sure they contain all methods available in the corresponding IMDB classes for compatibility reasons, even if some of those methods are simple dummies.
  • for information not available with your sources, you can use fallback to IMDB based on user wishes. Examples for that, again, can be found in the stale Moviepilot code.

I will try to update this page to something more valuable with the time. Hints are welcome. Feel free to check on IRC (Freenode channel #izzysoft), and check back if I do not immediately answer (answers might be delayed by a day or sometimes even more; but as long as you can see at least my shadow there, I will answer as soon as I see any action).

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