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    1010Developers further have the possibility to extend the API for the use with other sources. For details on this, please see [wiki:IntegrateOtherMDBs IntegrateOtherMDBs]. 
    12 Maybe I have more ideas – but also maybe you have? Feel free to add your ideas to the ticket section (feature requests as well as bug reports) and let me know what '''''you''''' would like to see in IMDBPHP. Chances are high that you convince me to implement your idea! 
     12When I started working at IMDBPHP back in 2001, I didn't think I'd take over the project from sevec just a year later (when he decided to "retire" from it). Especially I never thought I'd maintain it for full 12 years. Now, in 2014, things have changed: I'm not using IMDBPHP myself since a couple of years already. Luckily, Tom jumped in a while ago, and contributed quite a lot to the project. So now we've decided to split duties: Tom is in charge of the development, while I keep on taking care for packaging and releases: 
     14{{{#!box type=note 
     15= The IMDBPHP project moves 
     16Development is continued by Tom [ at Github]. Please find the latest ''code'' over there, and that's also the place to file new "tickets" (which are there called "issues"). While existing tickets will be processed here until they can be solved/closed, it is no longer possible to file new tickets on this site. 
     19What implications does that have to you? Except for above mentioned, probably none: 
     21* New tickets should be filed as "issues" [ at Github]. Old tickets remain available for reference here. 
     22* The latest development code will be available there – this SVN repo will remain "for reference" only, but is no longer updated. 
     23* You still can [wiki:Download] the latest releases here. Tarballs, RPM/Debian packages, etc. will continue to be maintained by me. 
     24* Wiki etc. as well will be available in their current versions for reference, but no longer updated. Whenever time permits, Tom will provide updated information at the linked Github project. 
     25* I ''might'' further contribute to the project from time to time, but will rather concentrate on my packaging part. So for support, please don't refer to me directly by mail, but use the Github issue system. You're more likely to be helped by Tom than by me – except for issues with the packages/downloads which are '''not''' related to the code itself.