There are several ways to download IMDbPHP. Bear in mind that IMDb changes its site fairly regularly which means this library updates often.

Please note that you only find v2.x here. Development is continued by Tom at Github. Newer downloads (v3+) are available there.

Link Description
/repos/imdbphpSVN Repo. This is the preferred method as it's easy to update. You should stick to the latest tagged release as trunk may be unstable repositories for RPM and Debian based systems
imdbphp.tar.gzthe latest released code as tar.gz file
ChangelogChangeLog (Development)
ChangeLogChangeLog and Download for all released versions of IMDBPHP2: .tar.gz, Debian- and RPM packages
Manualthe English manual for IMDBPHP
Handbuchdas deutsche Handbuch zu IMDBPHP
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