IzzySoft projects

This site hosts the projects maintained by IzzySoft. This includes the SVN repositories as well as the support pages (Trac). You may browse the latest code versions and their history right here using your favorite Internet browser (such as Firefox, Safari, Opera) or with the MS Internet Explorer. There are the following projects available:

Oracle Stuff
DBAHelperDBAHelper Scripts for the Oracle DBAs daily work
OraRepOraRep The Oracle Report generator
OSPRepOSPRep The Oracle StatsPack Report generator
HyperSQLHyperSQL Create API references from SQL files
Release Framework
pkgmakepkgmake Creating .spec files, *.rpm and *.deb packages
relmanrelman FrontEnd for pkgmake - and distribution center
HistViewHistView Bring your ChangeLog to well formatted HTML
ext3undelext3undel gelöschte Dateien von ext2/ext3 Dateisystemen wiederherstellen
iFAQMakeriFAQMaker On-the-Fly HTML generation from text files
phpDiveLogphpDiveLog Bring your AquaDiveLog to your homepage
phpVideoProphpVideoPro Manage your DVD/VHS/VCD collection
miniCalOPeminiCalOPe Create OPDS catalogs for your eBooks

Simply click on the repo name to browse the SVN repository. Usage of the interface should be pretty self-explaining: Click on the directories to change into a folder, use the menu if you like. Next to a file, you may click on the "open" button to see the code. The "view history" button shows the history of changes.

Click on the Trac link to visit the support site of a project. Here you will be able to check/file bug reports, see latest changes as well as upcoming ones, and find help in the Wiki and/or forum for the project chosen.

To download the latest code for a given software package, you might as well use your favorite SVN client, and pass it the URL you found here as repository to check out from. Usually, using the SVN command line client, you would type something like

svn co http://projects.izzysoft.de/repos/<project-name>/trunk

while replacing <project-name> by the name of the project as listed in the table below. No password required so far. But if you want to submit code, this will not work here; for that, check out this page on how to contact us. For help on some project (such as bug reporting, feature requests, and the like), please visit the corresponding Trac site.